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Sep 23, 2011 9:00pm CDT
united nations palestinian president calling for palestinian statehood dramatic day in new york and west bank >> palestinian president showed a diplomatic cards to united nations general assembly request for statehood. paperwork he formally submitted to a united nations secretary general before the speech said united nations must act because israel has not. the court issue is that israeli government refuses to commit to terms for the negotiations remain an international law >> large crowd of palestinians gathered to hear the call for a palestinian spring what he called but elsewhere clashes. israeli security forces broke up protests at a refugee camp. israeli prime minister addressed the united nations shortly after and said israel must protect itself. >> palestinians should first make peace with israel. then get their statement. but also, i want to tell you this after such a peace agreement is signed, israel will not be the last country to welcome a palestinian state as a new member of the united nations. we will be the first. >> on behalf of the palestinian people and palestinian liberation organization we extend our hand to the government palestinian people >> ending a speech by ca
Sep 21, 2011 9:00pm CDT
with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad visit to the united nations giving a speech to the general assembly, president obama no short cut to peace in the middle east attempted shutdown united nations palestine try to be added as a member state president said palestinians deserve an independent state but threatening to block any efforts to force the issue to the united nations. says israel and palestinians much must reach an agreement on issues that divide that not the international community. raising money for an international campaign warren buffett tickets costing bear the $36,000 apiece president obama proposes a tax plan this week including the buffet rule would raise taxes on the wealthy. not expected to attend the fund-raiser. after school matters program founded by maggie daley. 1993 about 200 chicago public high-school students participated in the program this year some 20,000 students taking part. learn and demonstrate the development artistic ability and a wide variety of programs. as we reflect positive impact we have had so many lives and communities over the past 20 years we must also loo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2